Pregnancy Care



Pregnancy is an exciting time but also a time of rapid change. This can sometimes lead to pain and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. 

Commonly pregnant women can suffer from poor function of their pelvic floor, reduced bladder control or increases in urinary frequency or urgency. 

Pain in the pelvis, back and neck are often experienced as are painful joints of the spine and extremities. 

Rapid changes in posture can affect your ability to work or even cope with general activities of daily living. 

Physiotherapy can help manage and prevent these issues. A comprehensive assessment will identify any causes of pain or dysfunction and treatment can be implemented as appropriate. Often this is in the form of manual therapy techniques, including massage and education about movement strategies. 

An exercise programme is often prescribed and constantly modified depending on your goals and ability. 

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Exercise is a great way to maintain mobility and strength. However during pregnancy special considerations need to be adhered to.  I can guide you in a programme specifically designed for you, for your body, with your goals in mind.  

This can be done in the form of a group (modified) pilates class. Our classes are run from the Mt Albert Clinic and use various pilates equipment and props. These classes are kept small (2-4 clients) to enable us to work with each client individually as your programming will be done to suit your own personal needs. 

Home-based exercise

Another option for those who struggle with time is to take part in my pregnancy home based programme where you get a week by week programme sent directly to your inbox. You sign up month by month so you can control how long you participate for. Exercises are prescribed to you following an assessment that can be done online via skype or in the clinic. You can workout in the comfort of your own home and know that what you are doing is appropriate for you at each stage of your pregnancy. 
See my online section for more information. 

Discuss your intentions with your LMC and that way we can work together to help create a happy healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.