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Women's Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy


A time of such rapid change can come with varying degrees of back and pelvic pain. Physiotherapy can help to resolve and prevent pain as your body changes. Pregnancy specific exercise is another way that physiotherapy can help condition your body for the demands of pregnancy and motherhood. 

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Pelvic Floor

Incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction are all common problems and often poorly addressed or treated. Physiotherapy can help! A through physiotherapy assessment can help to identify issues and aid in effectively resolving pelvic floor conditions. 

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A post-natal assessment will identify pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal diastasis (separation), back/pelvic pain and provide rehabilitation to guide you back into an appropriate form of exercise.

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I believe in a hands on approach to treatment therefore my physiotherapy appointments range between 30-60mins. Allowing time for ongoing assessment and a complete treatment. Identifing and treating the cause and not just the symptoms while creating a positive approach to treatment will leave you feeling like a winner after every session. You do not need to see your GP first and I am an ACC provider. 



1:1 or Group Functional Strengthening

Exercise is an important part of any rehabilitation programme. As a physiotherapist I see the benefits in movement to decrease pain and improve mobility. I use pilates equipment to enable a safe low impact environment before progressing clients into more functional based programmes depending on their individual goals. I offer small group or 1:1 sessions. I even have sessions where you can bring babies along. I advise that all new clients have a 1:1 assessment first so that we can establish a treatment plan that works for you. Group classes are kept to 2-4 per group to enable this approach to continue. 


Online programmes

No time? Need a cost effective way to rehab your body after having a baby with the guidance of a physio? 

Contact me for more information about online programming. 

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