Women’s Health Physiotherapy




I believe in a hands on approach to treatment therefore my physiotherapy appointments range between 30-60mins. Allowing time for ongoing assessment and a complete treatment. Identifing and treating the cause and not just the symptoms while creating a positive approach to treatment will leave you feeling like a winner after every session. You do not need to see your GP first and I am an ACC provider. 



1:1 or Group Functional Strengthening

Exercise is an important part of any rehabilitation programme. As a physiotherapist I see the benefits in movement to decrease pain and improve mobility. I use pilates equipment to enable a safe low impact environment before progressing clients into more functional based programmes depending on their individual goals. I offer small group or 1:1 sessions. I even have sessions where you can bring babies along. I advise that all new clients have a 1:1 assessment first so that we can establish a treatment plan that works for you. Group classes are kept to 2-4 per group to enable this approach to continue. 


Online programmes

No time? Need a cost effective way to rehab your body after having a baby with the guidance of a physio? 

Contact me for more information about online programming. 

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