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Online Recovery


The 12-week programme $10 is a cost effective way to continue your pilates practice at home. 

20-min daily classes for a single $10 sign-up.

My Foundation programme $49 is a physio guided programme, that enables you to progress through a rehabilitation programme according to your own capability.

My Pregnancy programme, $49 is and designed to enable pregnancy focused strength and wellbeing to enable you to move well with confidence during your pregnancy and birth preparation.


1:1 or Group Functional Strengthening

Exercise is an important part of any rehabilitation programme. As a physiotherapist I see the benefits in movement to decrease pain and improve mobility. I use pilates equipment to enable a safe low impact environment before progressing clients into more functional based programmes depending on their individual goals. I offer small group or 1:1 sessions. I even have sessions where you can bring babies along. I advise that all new clients have a 1:1 assessment first so that we can establish a treatment plan that works for you. Group classes are kept to 2-4 per group to enable this approach to continue. 

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Post-Natal Assessments

IN CLINIC: $95 for an hour assessment 



I am taking online bookings for post-natal assessments. 

This $95 package includes:

45-min Online Assessment:

•Obtain a detailed history

•Discuss and assess all of your concerns 

•Assess your abdominal control, spinal mobility, diaphragm and pelvic floor function as well as posture and movement. 

•Plan forward with personalized goal setting and a treatment plan

•Follow-up with a personalised email highlighting our assessment findings and plan.

Access to FOUNDATION Programme for 3mths ($49 value)

•This online platform focuses on post-natal rehabilitation by introducing fundamental movements and exercise strategies that are necessary in rehabilitation after child-birth.

Under Covid-level 2 these assessments can also be done in the clinic. $95 for a 60min assessment 



 Covid-19 Precautions.  

  1. We are following strict guidelines set by MOH and the NZ Physio Board. Therefore we are required to confirm your health status prior to each appointment. We will do this via text message the day before your appointment but a reminder here to please only attend Physiotherapy appointments and Classes if you are well. If you have  been unwell, even with symptoms unrelated to Covid we ask that you reschedule your appointment until you are better.  Please give us as much notice as possible.
  2. Under Covid level-2 you are  unable to bring children with you to appointments. This is so as we can keep all the equipment clean and safe for your use. We can make an exemption here for non-moving babies however you will need to bring your own playmate/blanket for them to lay on. We also ask that you please      inform us if you need to bring a support person with you.
  3. We will have an area  where you can wash and sanitise your hands before and after you appointment/class.
  4. We ask that you do not enter the studio until your appointment time so as we have had time to  clean equipment first and enable us to limit crossover of people.
  5. Classes will be 55min to allow more time for cleaning.
  6. Please bring socks to wear in  class. This isn’t covid related however a good time to reinforce this practice.
  7. Please bring your own water bottle. You can also bring a towel to class to use on reformers/ mats if you wish.
  8. We will have more cleaning equipment in the studio and will ask that you assist with cleaning equipment after use.
  9. We are changing the structure  of classes to enable physical distancing and limit the sharing of equipment. There will be less small equipment in the studio.
  10. The physio board has advised  that physiotherapists treating those considered ‘vulnerable’ use telehealth / online services and only seek ‘face-to-face’ treatment where absolutely necessary.